Frost Amplifiers Class A Push-Pull 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier

An Amplifier Manufacturer and Servicer Like No Other

Frost Amplifiers is a Tasmanian amplifier designer and manufacturer, focusing on handmade, high-end amplifiers that stand out as technologically revolutionary. Frost Amplifiers additionally oversee tube sales, as well as carry out service, modification and upgrades of tube amplifiers.

The all new Frost Amplifiers CLAPP15 Class A Push-Pull 1x12" tube guitar combo amp as well as other custom builds are available for order.

Tim Krushka
Founder of Frost Amplifiers

Tim Krushka is the founder and owner of Frost Amplifiers. All workmanship, services and technical support are delivered personally by him. Tim has been building amplifiers since the age of 9, kindling his lifelong interest in electronics. With 35 years of engineering experience and a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tasmania, Tim has aquired skills and knowledge to funnel directly into Frost Amplifiers.

Tim Krushka has had a long and interesting career with OTC and Telstra, encompassing a number of diverse projects. Such projects include writing software to operate coin telephones on Norfolk Island with OTC, planning the Tasmanian network with Telstra over the course of many years, and working in Mobiles Base Station Design.

With such career opportunities now coming to a close, Tim Krushka has focused in on Frost Amplifiers with a new passion and desire to create innovative new products, that carve out a new space in the market, as well as deliver services better than ever before.


Frost Amplifiers - Tim Krushka
59 Frosts Road, Margate, TAS, 7054, AU
+61 415 478 868